Who we are

Our family is a typical South Tyrolean family of fruit and wine farmers. The wine and fruit farm consists of some five hectares, half apple trees and half vines. It was run by our father Egon until his sudden death in January 2011 and, since then, his five children and their mother have continued to build on his legacy.

The heart and soul of the guesthouse and farm is our mother Martha. She comes from a mountain farm in the Sarn Valley and, together with our father, managed the farm for over 30 years, brought up five children and looked after the guests.

From the village square of St. Pauls, dominated by its church tower, the “Cathedral in the Country”, it is just half a kilometre up to our farm. But these 500 metres also represent a vertical climb of 100 metres from the centre, giving you to a view down on to the village rooftops.

St. Pauls is a village with a long and rich history. It was for a long time the main community of the greater Eppan area and even today it retains its own identity. St. Pauls is only some ten kilometres from the regional capital of Bozen, in the geographical heart of South Tyrol.

Following the expansion of local public transport by the South Tyrolean regional authorities in the last years, St. Pauls can now easily be reached by bus. Our farm is in fact right next to a bus stop – or the other way round, depending on your point of view.




Das Wetter in St. Pauls